3 Keys To Becoming Booked, NOT Busy

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Be Booked, NOT Busy

It's 2024, and of course, there are mixed feelings about this being a new year, as many persons went through hell, or something related last year (really the theme of 2020 - 2023). But, the truth is, 2024 is giving a different vibe for many - one nested in HOPE - and on that basis, it would be best to plan from a place of expectancy and hope rather than doubt and fear. 

Now, from that place is the willingness to believe that we will be BOOKED in 2024!! So, for that, I'm already celebrating and celebrating with you! That said, the question is what will your 'BOOKED' look like?

If 2020 - 2023 have taught us something, it's that life is short and a lot of the things we gave importance to should never supersede living life abundantly. So, I want to boldly encourage you to strive to be booked, NOT busy. 

The reality is that time, especially, is something you don't get back; money will always flow in and out, but time is something that you don't get back and flexibility is something that is like that offshoot of time; it's either you're flexible or you're not, based on the way your life is set up, then money tends to be the thing that floats between the two and causes persons to actually sacrifice their time and flexibility. 

It's time to rewrite that narrative. Here are three things that will help you to become booked, NOT busy in 2024:


1. Purposeful Time-Blocking

This type of time blocking is not random time blocking; there are specific goals for each time block within a specific week.

For instance: The first week of January I set up a set of time blocks um to decide on my specific goals to review how I did in the past three years and especially in the past year. So the first week was about goals and I set up about three or four sessions to really just look into everything. 

Meanwhile, the second week was really about uh planning according to the specific goals, and when I say planning, I'm talking about business planning; as in deciding on the tools I'm gonna move forward with for this year, I'm planning in terms of marketing and specifically content creation, and things like that. It's detailed planning in terms of my offers like if I fine-tuned a whole lot of the the logistics around my offer and and which offer I'm gonna be offering in specific seasons or a specific quarter.

So, it's not just arbitrary time blocking and we're not trying to focus on too many things at the same time necessarily but if we're really honest, our goals incorporate specific categories in order to get to the nitty gritty and so do your best to get those things addressed within that specific week so you don't have to revisit that ideally for the next quarter.

And yes, it is possible to plan for that duration and longer depending on how deep you're willing to go and how disciplined you're willing to be - unless God nudges you to make a shift, of course.


2. Being more deliberate about leveling up

Now, when I say leveling up it's multiple categories; leveling up not only in the way you show up on digital, show up in your business and serve your clients, for instance, but leveling up in terms of how you see yourself.

So, do a deep-dive and see the areas for improvement that you have, and begin looking at what it will take to improve that. Then, make the required investments to make it happen because your aim is personal and business optimization.

For instance, this year, I stated to members of my Instagram family that I want to level up in email marketing and funnels. With that, I've started to map out that plan and actually get started in identifying what that takes, and making things happen - all because I decided that this year I'm gonna level up not only in um like physically um and and emotionally and and taking care of myself but also just you know taking more time to to level up the way I do business and the way I serve and the way I show up especially behind the scenes. 


3. Being more strategic with your offers and how you promote them 

I encourage you to take some time to do some testing, before diving into this one. Yes, it might feel scary and it may feel like you're going all over the place but think of it as 'controlled chaos'. What you're testing is messaging, content types, offer focuses and offer structure.

It must still be noted that people buy differently in different seasons and there are many elements that contribute to the way people buy and when people buy and all of those things; Buyer Psychology. However, by the end of that time of testing, you'll be able to see enough to recognize the specific things that people are gravitating towards; the specific messaging, offers, etc that people are gravitating towards. This will empower you to build out my offers the chosen way of interacting and engagement of your community. 

When you decide on the offers, ensure that the structures you select are indeed allowing you to have MORE time, money-making opportunities and flexibility. So, be selective with how many calls you offer in your Coaching programme, for instance - but figure out how else you can truly add value as these individuals would have decided that you are worth investing in. 

The balance will always be an interesting one to find but I promise you can find it in a way that's fair to you AND your clients. 

With all this in mind, it is truly my hope that you feel a lot clearer in terms of how you can personally become booked and NOT busy. If you've got any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram (@ceethebusinesscoach) or email [email protected].

Take care until next time, Empire-Builders!

Coach Cee 



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