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6 Steps to Building & Managing Systems for an EMPIRE

Let's talk about the important things that you need to have in place to effectively systemize your empire. I shared more during the full episode of my podcast, The Systemized Empire Podcast, but here are the main items that you need to take note of.


From episode: 1. Setting the Stage for an EMPIRE

I looked back at a lot of the systems that I was instrumental in creating and also systems that I've created for myself over the past three years. And I came up with six steps for effective system building and management. Sometimes we focus on the building of the systems and we don't focus on the management of the systems.

I really want to make sure that we are truly able to have a holistic approach to doing that without it feeling too complicated. So I've developed my approach and I call it EMPIRE

1. ENVISION THE GOAL OF THE SYSTEM: You want to envision the goal of the system before you even start anything.

2. MAP THE TASKS: Tasks in a business make up processes and processes make up systems. You get what I'm saying? So you have to start with the tasks. So what are the individual tasks that you use?

3. PROCESS CREATION: Of course, based on seeing the different tasks that you need to do in your business, you create the processes. What are the many things that the specific tasks come together to achieve?

4. INTEGRATIONS: Choosing specific tools to help you to do the specific tasks, achieve the specific processes and all those things. By this stage, you're supposed to have a good handle on what it is that you need to do to contribute to the bigger goal.

5. REPEATABLE RESULTS: The whole point of our system is literally simplifying your approach to getting a specific thing done, and so with that, if it is that you are putting a system in place, the expectation and the idea would be that you are going to get the same type of results every time you put that system into place.

6. EFFICIENCY: This looks on simplicity and automation. Now, the reason we're looking at simplicity is because, again, we're not trying to make your life more complicated. We're trying to simplify it, right? So if after you look at the different processes, if after you look at everything coming together, all the processes coming together as one big system or whatever, and you realize they're like a few too many steps and a few steps that you can possibly skip, then we see what we can skip and then we get rid of those. Then we look at the steps that actually don't necessarily require human resources, whether it's you or somebody that you actually choose to hire or something like that and we find a way to automate it.

So by the time you finish all six of these steps, you should have a literal lean system, like a system that doesn't have a bag of fluff and all of that, but a system that's ready to literally go.


If you want support and training in having sustainable systems built and managed in your empire, I invite you to join EMPIRE Systems Society where online business owners are provided with the support needed to build and balance their lifestyle and business using the power of systems. Check it out here:

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