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How I Bounced Back After My Business Failed in 2022

I’ll always say that failure isn’t the end of the road unless you say it is.

I’m not gonna say my agency has landed 5-figure contracts like it did last year, but I must say, that we haven’t gone a month in 2023 without clients and we’re now in a position to take on 5 more clients based on our capacity currently.

At this point, I have no team outside of my husband (yes, y’all, spousal business partnerships can work but that’s a whole other video lol).

But, I think I’m enjoying the freedom of us understanding our systems, noting how we both work and process things, and seeing the quality we put out. So, I don’t see us needing to hire until next year, really.

That stated, I pray that this encourages you to really keep going. Even when things are darkest. Even when things don’t feel like they make sense. Even when it seems like there are things that are against you.

YOU get to define your success.

YOU get to get up.

YOU get to put things in place to ensure that mistakes aren’t repeated.

And I’m here to help you to get that done.

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