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My Business Failed in 2022 So Yours Doesn't Have To

👀👀 Yup, I’ve said it, and believe me it took a WHILE to get here.

Yes, there were a LOT of other factors that contributed to the sinking of my agency last year, but a reality is that loads of the F-ups could have been avoided if I approached running a team with better systems.

The awkward thing is that I had to endure not only the shame of this failure on multiple levels, but I also plunged into DEEP depression because of the ripple effects of my Royal F-up.

I endured:

👀 Negative chatter/gossip about me and my entrepreneurial skills

‼️A deep loss of respect and loyalty from those who used to work with me

📌 Lost friendships that actually went beyond business (that’s a whooole other story)

😳 Literal debt because it crashed so quickly and I had no money to pay people off, which placed me in a rut for months where I was working TO pay these people off

And soooo much more.

A big chunk of this could have been avoided if I was more proactive about switching over my systems and tools to facilitate a team of remote workers. This switch over should’ve looked like:

📌 Identifying processes for EVERY single task that I was giving them to do instead of allowing so much freedom in how to approach the tasks. This led to a real challenge with quality assurance and consistency.

📌Creating workflows and automations OUTSIDE of these team members so that they too weren’t stuck doing tasks that took a lot of time but didn’t actually require Human Resources.

📌Creating clear lines of communications for both internal and external interactions so that I wasn’t always at the top of the pyramid when persons needed answers.

… and more.

They say sometimes you gotta learn the hard way, huh?

Well, because of the very big lessons I learned in this ordeal, I’m passionate about ensuring

that my clients do NOT find themselves in similar positions.

So, whether you’re a solopreneur or you’re managing a team, I want to help you to create systems that will allow your business to run more efficiently and effectively so that you can truly say that your business moves like a well-oiled engine - without you having to do it ALL.

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