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Support Your Contracts with Solid Systems

👀👀 Yup, I said it. And this ain’t shade, this is fact.

I can’t tell you how painful, embarrassing and disappointing it was having to deal with those situations and then having to turn to my team to tell them we no longer had such n such client.

These were MAJOR factors that directly led to the financial ruin of my agency in 2022, but the truth is, it didn’t matter to most of the team. Because their money was affected.

So, it led to a ripple effect of a deeper type of hurt and embarrassment because these people were hired TO serve these clients and somehow, my business started experiencing a dry spell of gaining clients right after.

It was a hot mess, really. Yet, most of it started from the view of contracts and systems surrounding same.

Don’t get caught in that same predicament.

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