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Systemize Before You Hire, and thank Yourself Later

One of the biggest business lessons I learned was through the failure of one of my businesses. In the midst of what was a huge business opportunity, I failed to systemize before I hired. Then, I paid for it.

Imagine thinking that you’re doing well by providing all the things they would need but not fully realizing that you didn’t give the team a blueprint.

What level of a hot mess is that you ask?

Hot fire FLAMES.

And while in the mess, I started getting frustrated because I felt no real initiative was being taken in certain regards (which was true in some instances) but it all still pointed back to me.

If they didn’t see a proper example or precedence, why should I have expected initiative and deeper interest?

Listen. Do yourself a favour and sow into your business with systemization BEFORE you hire. I’m telling you, you don’t want this trauma.

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