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Systems Safeguard Your Business Against the Emotions That Can Sink It

Systems take the emotions out of business operations, hiring and team management. Legit.

It’s never a good feeling to recognize that you’re working against yourself after SO much work was put into making a dream work - no matter how good the intentions are.

But here’s what’ll do it for ya:

📌 Seeing when basic documents take 6 weeks to 3 months to be completed

📌 Being told lies that proposals were sent off when they weren’t because there was no real written guide that was received.

📌 Re-doing tasks you had previously assigned

📌 Team members being secretly frustrated with each other because they felt the other person didn’t know what they were doing

📌 You only feeling confident about depending on basically half of your team and wondering where you went wrong in hiring.

📌 Recognizing that the time freedom container you created was being taken advantage of

📌 Feeling like you’re alone because you’re still carrying the majority of the burden

📌 Feeling more worked out in managing a team than serving clients

📌 Feeling consistently misunderstood because you’ve suddenly slipped into being a ‘boss’ rather than someone they respect.

And the biggest cherry on top:

🍒 You having your highest income year yet, with nothing to show for it, because it all went back into the pockets of persons who weren’t even able to carry half the load with you because YOU never equipped them to - with systems.

Listen. Get rid of the emotions and get moving with your systems so that you can reap the benefits of running a team, successfully.

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